28. Fine Structure Constant

3 March 2019; Feast of St Cunegunda


Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik


Here is Force Fortran output file with calculated Fine Structure Constant α value (double precision):


 The Fine  Structure Constant αe is calculated at Transcendental Constant count 16 at X-axis.

The value of the fine structure constant is exact. The experimental results give a perfect approximation of the exact theoretical value.


EXPONENT MAIN 0.95743292867862417

FT VALUE AT X 11.486106001091651

EXPONENT PARTIAL 17.755812956487826


ALFA MINUS 1/2 11.706237618540296


ALFA SQUARE 137.03599918172799


Fine structure Constant α:


ALFA = 7.29735256407965365E-003


The experimental results of the values of the fine structure constant are very close, almost identical (for example, the research from Nagoya University, Japan):

αE = exact



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