6 March 2019; Ash Wednesday


Here is the Fortran output file with the results of the calculation of Gravity Constant α if the gravity originates outside of the Universe. Now, this would perfectly agree with an official educated guess for the value of the Gravity Constant.

 The official guess sets the Gravity Constant at the value of roughly 10-39 - 10-40  and that is in perfect agreement with my theoretical results. Anyway, what does it mean that the gravity originates beyond the known Universe? The scientists will use this fact to claim that multiverse exists, I, as a Catholic will use this fact that heaven exists beyond our visible Universe. The scientists try to get rid of God, I (and others) will try to prove God as the sole Designer and Maker of everything.


Here is the output file from the Fortran program calculating Gravity Constant α at Transcendental Constant count -35 on the X-axis.


NEW EXPM1 ( 3.31485363940230028E+075, 4.32000137012412667E+075)
NEW EXPM2 ( 1.19958530272662455E-076,-1.56333000340074921E-076)
NEW EXPM3 ( 6.9947797421277373 , 7.15238910015498774E-002)
NEW FT ( 1.71397472644711849E-002, 1.77430909548615800E-004)
EXPONENT MAIN ( 6.9947797421277373 , 7.15238910015498774E-002)
NEW EXPP ( -5.7715582806672625 , 5.90160549143992422E-002)
NEW ALFA_MINUS_HALF ( 1.71275039720468828E+019,-4.98534302491034911E+019)
FT VALUE AT X ( 1.71397472644711849E-002, 1.77430909548615800E-004)
EXPONENT PARTIAL ( -5.7715582806672625 , 5.90160549143992422E-002)


ALFA MINUS 1/2 ( 1.71275039720468828E+019,-4.98534302491034911E+019)


ALFA SQUARE (-2.19201311528974471E+039,-1.70772964922336453E+039)


Complex value of Gravity Constant α:

ALFA (-2.83893112343905495E-040, 2.21172346907196067E-040)


REAL PART OF ALFA -2.83893112343905495E-040


IMAGINARY PART OF ALFA 2.21172346907196067E-040


POLAR PART OF ALFA 3.59878460417883908E-040


Gravity Constant α :

MODULUS (OF POLAR FORM) 3.59878460417883908E-040

i.e. APPROX. α = 3.6 x 10-40 


An official educated guess of the value of Gravity Constant is:

αG = 5.9 × 10 − 39  where the denominator is defined using a pair of protons;   by Rees, Martin (2000). Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe.

The equation he uses is: α/αG = α/1.752×10−45μ2 = α/5.906×10−39 ≈ 1036  ;

from that ( α = 7.2974 x 10-3 ) / 1036  =  α=  7.2974 x 10-40

The result of gravity coupling constant between two protons approx. α=  7.2974 x 10-40  is almost identical (because of errors in measurements? Or there's more to it?)

So my result and this approximation are almost the same.


Results are identical when α / α = 2.027 x 10-37  i.e.  7.2974 x 10-3  / 2.027 x 10-37  = α =   3.6 x 10-40 


Other approximations for gravity coupling constant are about 1.75 x 10-45 (between two electrons) and another yet as equal to 3.2 x 10-42  (between proton and electron). The problem might be the units in those cases - they are not dimensionless like mine calculations, or there's something else.

I'll come back to this topic later on.


link to Wikipedia article [ Gravitational Coupling Constant ]


From the above calculations, one may deduce that the source of Gravity lies beyond our visible Universe.





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