8 June 2019 AD; Feast of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, St Medard and St Gildard


This article has few videos explaining Higgs Boson, as well as Z, W bosons.

The findings from the Equation of the Construction of the World are getting really interesting now, as we move into the Unknown. Unknown to the present science.

Bosons are a Family exactly as in the previous cases of quarks and neutrinos, electron, tau and muon. By analogy, there is Z Boson, W+, and W- boson and Higgs Boson. Now, these are four bosons and there should be six, so either there is another type of Z Boson and another type of Higgs Boson if they follow the rule of Quarks (6 quarks) or there are three bosons and then three "relative" to the particles, as in case of electron, tau and muon and three neutrinos. In the second case, Higgs Boson would be 4th particles so it does not add up. Which means that there is another Z Boson-like particle as well as Higgs Boson-like particle, they sum up to number six. Z Boson has the value of mixing angle called Weinberg Angle and it is on the first position, Wand W- occupy second position (i.e second angle) and Higgs Boson belongs either with them or in next part - Gravity particles, but assuming that it is a weak force boson it will belong here at third position (i.e. third angle).

Here are the links explaining a little bit this difficult topic:


Higgs Boson 

W and Z bosons

Weinberg angle



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