13 June 2019 AD; St Anthony of Padua, Pentecost Thursday


I do not think anymore that Gravity originates far beyond our Universe. The scientific data from my equations points to Gravity as a result of elementary particle interactions.

I do not think the Gravity source is either beyond Universe or in some distant parts of galaxies. I claim it is right here wherever mass is. Equations of the Construction of the World show that there is the 4th force and 4th elementary particle - Graviton. By symmetry and by analogy to Quarks, Neutrinos, and Bosons there has to be also a force responsible for Gravity located inside matter somehow. In the main article, I will show the Mathematics and Quantum Mechanics of Gravity, and then in the next article, I will present three tests validating the foundings. After that a summary of four forces of the Universe and some thoughts about them. Finally the theory the Construction of the Universe (or rather Construction of two Universes).

If you want to read some facts and guesses about Graviton and Gravity here is the link: Graviton


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