2 August 2019 AD; Our Lady of the Angels; St Alphonsus Liguori; St Stephan I; St Peter Julian Eymard; St Eusebius of Vercelli

The first article will describe sums of pairs (e.g. Quarks and Neutrinos), I mean sums of the angles.

The second article will be about singles (angles) such as Bosons, triplets (e.g. Graviton, Boson, Neutrino) and finally quadruplet - all four elements with the sum of internal angles 540 deg forming a Pentagon, which describes all four elements together. The arithmetic average of singles, pairs, triplets, and pentagon (arithmetic mean of the angles that is) will be calculated for the purpose of getting the final value of CP Violation Phase, angle δ = approx. 68.779 deg. And then, the next articles will be about Neutrinos, and after that Cosmology.

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