13 August 2019 AD; St Hippolytus and St Cassian; St Radegund


In the main article, I will calculate the exact value of the CP ( Charge - Parity ) Violation Phase for Neutrino (δ CP Neutrino = 232.20881 deg = 4.05281 rad). Scientists calculate this angle (describing "a difference between matter/antimatter in quantity") at δ CP Neutrino Official = 234 deg ( +43 deg / -31 deg; i.e. from 203 deg to 277 deg ).

The exact angle is an arithmetic mean of singles, pairs, triplets and a quadruplet of elements. The final angle is, of course, spherical ( not "flat").


Here are some short videos of CP Violation Phase


CP violation

Understanding Antimatter: CPT Symmetry

Quantum Mechanics for Dummies



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