24 October 2019; St Raphael the Archangel - 26 October 2019 AD; St Evaristus, St Demetrius


Yes, Google search removed me from the top position in searches in Mathematics and some Quantum Mechanics: "universal transcendental function" and "universal transcendental constant" among others. I guess they do not like the religious side of this website, as well as potential dangers to their "lovely science without a reason" (which is the state of present "science"). Nothing new for globalists: world jewry - those denying Jesus is the Messiah, freemasons, satanists, etc. and sadly those in the Holy Church conspiring with the enemies of God, trying to push their propaganda and revolution against the order of God.

The other search engines still keep me around (we'll see for how long - so far no problems, thanks).

 I have submitted feedback to Google, people working there are fast - it took minutes to fix the problem, just to see it again returning. Then, the same story again - looks like there were two people and the latter one was the boss. So, I will give them a break for now, since it seems the search positions cannot be fixed.

Two nice quotes about knowledge from "The Dialogue" of St Catherine of Siena; God the Eternal Father speaking:

"They admire knowledge. Knowledge 
in itself is good and perfect when a learned person is also 
good, honourable, and humble in life. But if knowledge 
be joined with a proud, dishonourable, and wicked life 
it is a poison, and the Holy Scripture does not mean 
otherwise in its spiritual sense." p. 284 from archive.org


"You cannot imagine how great is people's foolishness.
They have no sense or discernment, having lost it by hoping in themselves and putting their trust in their own knowledge.
O stupid people, do you not see that you are not the source of your own knowledge?
It is my goodness, providing for your needs, that has given it to you." p.286 (this from the actual book)

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