31 October 2019 AD; St Wolfgang (994); St Quentin (287)


Again, as stated before - Quark and Graviton belong to the same family. Below are listed their common properties:


1. Quark  is ruled by strong nuclear force and Graviton by the gravitational force.


2. Sum of the mixing (oscillation) angles from before and after transformation of the Quark and Graviton is 180+ deg (spherical angle).


3. The quotient (Quantum Fraction) is the same for Quark and Graviton and equals to 7 / 3.


4. The way of calculating CP Violation Phase Angle of Quark and Graviton is the same (correction factors i.e. spherical angle corrections are the same).


In the main article, I will calculate the exact value of the CP Violation Phase Angle of Quark. I can tell you right now the final results:


Results from the Arithmetic Mean method:

δ CP VIOLATION PHASE ANGLE QUARK = 68.7948 degrees = 1.20069514 radians


And the results from Quadruplet (Pentagon)  method:

δ CP VIOLATION PHASE ANGLE QUARK = 68.7920 degrees = 1.20064725 radians

(I prefer this latter result - it is a lot faster and easier to compute, as well there are some other reasons).


It will be necessary to go back to the article "54.Quark mixing angles final - after the transformation": Quark mixing angles

I did some small changes to this article, so it is easier to read. It will be useful later on, in the main article about Quark.


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