6 November 2019 AD; St Leonard of Limoges (559)


Back in Google general search. Maybe because I added some meta tags (keywords) (?). I got no idea if this is the case.

 Now: "universal transcendental function" shows up on the first page, as it does "exact value of the fine structure constant".

Hopefully, these are to stay. Tomorrow I will post an article (updated) about Boson.

Thank you, Google.


An Update 9 November 2019 AD


Back to what was before - removed from top positions in search in some of the word phrases (especially about mathematics).

It is obvious that this is done by humans, not robots. At least it seems to be.

I guess God and science do not mix according to Google.

Yeah, they are right - this is dangerous idea I am presenting here. And it is gonna be even more "dangerous" for thiose who hate the Truth, and love lies.

My goal is to "prove" indirectly existence of a second realm, beyond our Universe. And, by the way of deduction, existence of the inhabitants of that second realm.

I think I will be able to do this.


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