5 February 2021 AD

St Agatha (251)


Article number 100 describes the Transformation of the theta mixing (oscillation) angles in the Complex Plane. 


It is again in a form of mostly script, so it's easier to understand for everyone. The Transform is basically a mapping of the angles of all 4 quadrants into the Positive Real Plane. Of course, other mappings are possible (for example a mapping into the Positive Imaginary Plane), but I use the mapping onto the Positive Real Plane because the graph of the function is easiest to understand and first of all it gives good results.

It is possible that I'll come back to some other mappings in future articles.

This mapping is absolutely necessary - the sums of all Theta Mixing (Oscillation) Angles which I call Sigma for short are as important parameter as Delta CP Violating Phase Angles. They are necessary for the calculation of all other Sigmas and Deltas and for performing tests on the final results - i.e. proving the calculations of the angles are correct and therefore the Built of the Universe (i.e. 8 Elements of it) are indeed correct. These Sigma Parameters are also useful for determining the vector or scalar properties of the Constituents of the Universe (that will be proven later on as well).

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