19 July 2021 AD

St Vincent de Paul (1660 AD); St Arsenius (449 AD)


How to predict the Delta CP Violating Phase Angles and Mixing (Oscillation) Angles of all eight elements of the Universe?

The task seems to be impossible. But, fortunately, there is a strict relation between these angles for two existing and known elements (Neutrino and Quark), and by analogy for two more i.e. Boson and Graviton.

Those elements form pairs with relation which is the same for Neutrino/Quark pair and Boson/Graviton pair, and also Quark/Boson pair and Graviton/Neutrino pair.

The relations between the angles are as simple as they can be. I will go into the details in the next article. 

For now, let me show you the script to remind you of the abbreviations I will use in this and the following articles.

CCI 000001 117 NARRATIVE

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