27 June 2022

St. Cyril of Alexandria (444); Our Lady of Perpetual Help (13th C.); St Ladislaus (1095)


There will be more articles (about 10). Yesterday, while working on the eight elements of Our Universe, I discovered and proved, first time in the history of this Blue Planet the existence of at least 8 elements from beyond, from the other side, attached to our Universe, or rather our Universe being inside of the other.

It's a big day for me. It was done on 26 June 2022, Feast of The Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Trad.) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (New), my Queen, Mother, Lady, and Teacher. 

As to the discovery, right now I can tell you that Membrane External (ME), the last element on the outside is attached to something else (no doubt about it) and this "something else" seems to have a similar structure to our 8 elements. What I mean is that the Delta CP Violating Angle and the Theta Angle (the Sum of Mixing angles from before and after Transform), were calculated exactly from the information enclosed in our Universe. It looks like someone (God Almighty) wanted us to be aware of this other side, beyond ours (i.e. Heaven). By the way, there is no place whatsoever for the Multiverse. It does not show up in the calculations at all.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting these new articles. Please be patient.

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