15. Narrative for Book 5 - Getting Formula for Integer Constants (similar to alpha - fine structure constant)



20 September 2017 AD; Feast of St Eustace

Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik


Book 5 will show how to derive the Formula for Integer Value Constants (similar to the fine structure constant, alpha, α, which describes electromagnetic interactions.

According to the present understanding, there are four forces of nature described  by dimensionless coupling constants (1)(2):


1 - fine structure constant, alpha, α,  used with electromagnetic forces;

2 - the strong force, αS, describes forces between quarks and nucleons;

3 - weak force coupling constant, αW,  describing decays of particles;

4 - gravity force constant, αG, describes the force of gravitational attraction.



Book 3 ("11. Book 3 - Calculation of the exact value of the fine structure constant, alpha") showed how to get the fine structure constant, alpha, α, let us call it αE; Book 5 ("16. Book 5 - Integer Formula for Dimensionless Coupling Constants of Fundamental Forces") will show how to get a strong force, αS and the weak force, αW, the gravitational coupling constant, αG, and their numerical values.


Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik


(1)Georgia State University

(2)San Jose State University, T. Watkins

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