17 February 2021 AD

Ash Wednesday; Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites (1233)

Apart from the Four Fundamental Coupling Constants of the four fundamental forces (where only fine structure constant alpha is calculated well), there are also seven mixing (oscillation) angles known (quark, neutrino and one of boson) and two CP Violating Phase Angles (quark and neutrino). So, altogether we have ten known parameters.

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16 February 2021 AD

Holy Face of Jesus (Shrove Tuesday); St Onesimus (95); St Juliana (305)


In the main article, I will describe getting exact mixing (oscillation) angles of Quark, Neutrino, Boson and Graviton. These are theoretical values and they agree with experimental data quite well, especially in the case of Quark, and two angles of Neutrino and one angle of Boson (there is no data so far of more angles for Boson - mixing (oscillation) angles (it is a new concept, I think).

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9 February 2021 AD

St Cyril of Alexandria (444); St Apollonia (249); St Nicephorus (260)


In this short but necessary article, I will explain the Transformation of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles in the complex plane.

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15 February 2021 AD

St Claude de la Colombiere (1682); Sts Faustinus & Jovita (121)


Weinberg Angle (Wikipedia). Important - contains one Mixing (Oscillation) Angle of a Boson.

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5 February 2021 AD

St Agatha (251)


Article number 100 describes the Transformation of the theta mixing (oscillation) angles in the Complex Plane. 

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