6 June 2020 AD; St Norbert (1134)


In this article, I will present the sounds created at the same time as the Universe was created. To get these sounds (Music) we need the Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum. This fact was made possible only recently, thanks to the satellites such as Planck or WMAP, etc.

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5 June 2020 AD; St Boniface (754)


While looking at evidence of Creation (Cosmic Microwave Background, CMB for short) I noticed that the CMB Power Spectrum has some music encoded in it. This fact is nothing new, since astronomers noticed also that there were acoustic waves in the beginning of the Universe, as described by Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum.

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5 March 2020 AD; St John Joseph of the Cross (1734)


As you are aware (I hope) I have derived a general formula in the complex form to calculate from just one equation all known to present science dimensionless values of:


* coupling constants (forces) of the electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force

* Neutrino and Quark mixing (oscillation) angles

* CP Violating Phase Angles for Neutrino and Quark

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7 March 2020 AD; St Thomas Aquinas (1274)


In this article, I will present a graph of the Final Equation of the Construction of the World(s) [contiuous version] and a short description of the graph, as well as a discussion about the implications of the idea of two Universes.

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2 March 2020 AD; Bl. Charles the Good (1124)


In this short article, I will present more graphs, where the output will be a function both of the magnitudes of the vector as well as the angles theta. The magnitudes and angles obviously form a complex number.

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