8 March 2021 AD

St John of God (1550)


There is a very strict relation between the values of CP Violating Phase Angles (Deltas) and the sums (Sigmas) of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles Theta.

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4 March 2021 AD

St Casimir of Poland (1484); St Lucius I (254)


This article deals with "Quantum Fractions". Those are numbers that connect Theta Angles (Mixing (Oscillation) Angles) and Delta Angles (CP Violating Phase Angles). These Angles are the sums of all three Mixing (Oscillation) Theta Angles from before and after the Transform into the Positive Real Part of The complex plane - I call these angles "Sigma" since they are the sums.

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24 February 2021 AD

St Matthias (1st Century)


This is a very easy article - it contains simple sums of all three Theta Angles: Theta(13), Theta(23) and Theta(12) from before and after the Transformation of the Angles into the Positive Real Plane.

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2 March 2021 AD

Bl Charles the Good (1124)


In this article, I will write about the relation between Angle Sigma (i.e. the sum of all six Theta mixing (oscillation) angles - three from the experiments (if available) and three of these angles after the Transform).

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109. FORTRAN Source Code - calculation of the Theta Angles, i.e., Mixing (Oscillation) Angles of Quark, Neutrino, Boson, and Graviton.

19 February 2021 AD

St Conrad of Piacenza (1351); St Gabinus (296)


You can download the source code files in FORTRAN to calculate the Theta Angles (13), (23), and (12) with Double Precision. I tried to upload the "exe" file of the editor and compiler, but it could not be done. So, there is a link to get it from the web. It is a free program, and I highly recommend it.

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