19 July 2021 AD

St Vincent de Paul (1660 AD); St Arsenius (449 AD)


How to predict the Delta CP Violating Phase Angles and Mixing (Oscillation) Angles of all eight elements of the Universe?

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25 March 2021 AD

The Annunciation; St Dismas (33); St Margaret Clitherow (1586)



In the following articles, I will derive all four remaining Delta CP Violating Angles and Sigma - sums of the Theta Mixing (Oscillation) Angles for Time (yes, the time is more than just clicks of the clock), Space, Internal Membrane and External Membrane.

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10 March 2021 AD

Forty Holy Martyrs of Sebaste, Armenia (320); St Macarius (334)


In this article, I will show how to obtain CP Violating Phase Angles (Delta) from sums (Sigma) of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles (Theta) for Quark, Graviton, Neutrino and Boson using Quantum Fractions.

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16 March 2021 AD

St Heribert (1021); St Abraham (360)


This series of articles will deal with deriving CP Violating Phase Angles (Delta), Sums (Sigma) of Mixing (Oscillation) Angles (Theta) from before and after the Transform into the Positive Real Part of the Complex Plane.

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8 March 2021 AD

St John of God (1550)


There is a very strict relation between the values of CP Violating Phase Angles (Deltas) and the sums (Sigmas) of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles Theta.

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