3 December 2020

St Francis Xavier (1552)


Quark Mixing Matrix (Wikipedia)

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25 November 2020 AD; St Catherine of Alexandria (307)


New article from "Music" is coming up, as well as a couple of articles finishing CP Violating Phase Angles and Mixing Angles of all eight constituents of the Universe in the main blog.

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6 June 2020 AD; St Norbert (1134)


In this article, I will present the sounds created at the same time as the Universe was created. To get these sounds (Music) we need the Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum. This fact was made possible only recently, thanks to the satellites such as Planck or WMAP, etc.

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15 June 2020 AD;

St Vitus, St Modestus and St Crescentia (c. 300)

St Germaine Cousin (1601)


In this article, I will derive the first sounds in the Universe based on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) which is so to speak the earliest picture of our Universe.

From Figure 1. we can see that frequencies in Hertz might be assigned to the Peaks and Troughs (see the article Creation of the Universe and Music. Part I  ).

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5 June 2020 AD; St Boniface (754)


While looking at evidence of Creation (Cosmic Microwave Background, CMB for short) I noticed that the CMB Power Spectrum has some music encoded in it. This fact is nothing new, since astronomers noticed also that there were acoustic waves in the beginning of the Universe, as described by Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum.

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