5 March 2020 AD; St John Joseph of the Cross (1734)


As you are aware (I hope) I have derived a general formula in the complex form to calculate from just one equation all known to present science dimensionless values of:


* coupling constants (forces) of the electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force

* Neutrino and Quark mixing (oscillation) angles

* CP Violating Phase Angles for Neutrino and Quark

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2 March 2020 AD; Bl. Charles the Good (1124)


In this short article, I will present more graphs, where the output will be a function both of the magnitudes of the vector as well as the angles theta. The magnitudes and angles obviously form a complex number.

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20 February 2020 AD; St Francisco Marto (1919); St Jacinta Marto (1920); St Eucherius (743); St Amata (1250)

In these series of articles, I'll be presenting the surprising unity of the structure of Cosmos and Quantum. As well as couple of graphs - of the main function (calculated from transcendental constants and giving results similar to coupling constants of the forces and at the same time mixing (oscillation) angles of the elements); and three graphs of complex values of these results.

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24 February 2020 AD; St Matthias (1st Century.)


In this article, I will be presenting three graphs of combined Quantum and Cosmos, according to the vision of St Hildegard von Bingen and according to my calculations. It looks, that the Quantum structure and Cosmos structure are at the same place and can be described by those graphs (and of course by the equations). 

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1 February 2020 AD; St Ignatius of Antioch (107); St Brigid (525)


Before I'll post the next articles I want to show a great achievement of a scientist from XII Century - St Hildegard von Bingen  St Hildegard von Bingen  

As far as I know, she is the only person who received in a Vision from Lord God ( I do not know if that was God the Eternal Father or Lord Jesus or Holy Spirit or Most Holy Trinity) a complete explanation of the elements of the Universe as well as forces ruling our Universe, plus many other things.

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