15 February 2021 AD

St Claude de la Colombiere (1682); Sts Faustinus & Jovita (121)


Weinberg Angle (Wikipedia). Important - contains one Mixing (Oscillation) Angle of a Boson.

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9 February 2021 AD

St Cyril of Alexandria (444); St Apollonia (249); St Nicephorus (260)


In this short but necessary article, I will explain the Transformation of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles in the complex plane.

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3 February 2021 AD

St Blaise (316); St Ansgar (865)


Before I can derive all 8 Delta CP Violatining Phase Angles and the Sums of the Mixing Angles some introduction is necessary into the Structure of the Universe and in the next article the Transformation of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles so the Sums of these angles can be calculated as well

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5 February 2021 AD

St Agatha (251)


Article number 100 describes the Transformation of the theta mixing (oscillation) angles in the Complex Plane. 

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1 February 2021 AD

St Ignatius of Antioch (107); St Brigid (525)


In this article, I will present an explanation of the Elements of our Universe and their functions. It would be helpful to read the previous article,

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