7 November 2019 AD; St Carina, St Melassipius, St Anthony (360); St Willibrord (739); St Engelbert (1225)


The two articles about Boson were slightly rewritten. It should be a bit easier to understand how the CP Violation Phase Angle of Boson is computed.

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6 November 2019 AD; St Leonard of Limoges (559)


Back in Google general search. Maybe because I added some meta tags (keywords) (?). I got no idea if this is the case.

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31 October 2019 AD; St Wolfgang (994); St Quentin (287)


Again, as stated before - Quark and Graviton belong to the same family. Below are listed their common properties:


1. Quark  is ruled by strong nuclear force and Graviton by the gravitational force.

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1 November 2019 AD; All Saints Day.


This is an updated version of how to compute the CP Violation Phase Angle of Quark.


To get the results we need a couple of things:

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24 October 2019; St Raphael the Archangel - 26 October 2019 AD; St Evaristus, St Demetrius


Yes, Google search removed me from the top position in searches in Mathematics and some Quantum Mechanics: "universal transcendental function" and "universal transcendental constant" among others. I guess they do not like the religious side of this website, as well as potential dangers to their "lovely science without a reason" (which is the state of present "science"). Nothing new for globalists: world jewry - those denying Jesus is the Messiah, freemasons, satanists, etc. and sadly those in the Holy Church conspiring with the enemies of God, trying to push their propaganda and revolution against the order of God.

The other search engines still keep me around (we'll see for how long - so far no problems, thanks).

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