Welcome to LuxdeLuce (i.e., Light of Light) and ExtraUniversum (i.e., Outside of the Universe)!

We are a Catholic website that covers many different topics (more will be added in the future), such as Face of God; God's Numbers, Quantum, and Cosmos, God's Dialogue; Heaven and Hell (will be updated later); Music and Theology. God's Numbers, Quantum, and Cosmos, pertain to finding the world's construction through mathematics and an explanation of it. God's Dialogue and Theology go hand in hand. Heaven and Hell will be the knowledge that has been gained over the years for Angels and Demons and other spiritual and material things. Music will be about new music scales (similar to the "Pythagorean music system"). There are two authors of the articles. 
We hope this website will bring you closer to complete and perfect unity with the Eternal Father, Blessed Mary Queen of Angels, all the Saints and Angels in Heaven, and between us as people to serve God with the essence of our faith, which is the unconditional love for others and God.



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