I have a calling to write a book about a pivotal point in my life that has brought me to union with God. The way I will go about posting this book is chapter by chapter starting with April 16th 2018 when the events that I will speak of began. Over the chapters, you will journey with me from that day until present (and continuing) to show all of my experiences which are both physical

and supernatural. I will be sharing my experiences in chronological order, but unfortunately, I do not have the dates of many of these events.


I also wish to mention that I will be splitting my experiences into series which will be titled as “Stages”. As I have said, I have a calling to write a book about my experiences because I feel that it will help many souls who are feeling lost and full of despair regarding their faith. With the current day and age, we do not have many knowledge people on this subject who are supposed to be knowledgeable so I feel that it is my duty to make up for what is missing.


Thank you and I hope that the Blessed Virgin will help me to express my thoughts clearly and concisely and will help all who read them to understand them as they are meant to be understood.


Blessed Mother, pray for us! Thanks be to God!



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