April 16th 2018 was the day I quit my job as a second cook at a popular restaurant in my home town. Quitting that job was the best decision I have ever made in my life, but I did not realize how big of an effect it would have.


At that point, I was abusing people to their face and behind their back’s with no mercy or remorse, I didn’t care about myself in terms of health or looks and I regarded myself as someone who was extremely cocky and didn’t care to hear anyone’s opinion. On top of that, I was accused of getting someone fired to advance my career which was not true, but with that rumour going around many of my co-workers turned against me. I started to realize the life I was making for myself. However, the last straw was when the owner of the restaurant, who had high hopes for me to move up in his company, revealed a text to my sous chef that I sent him regarding what could be done more efficiently in the kitchen. I wanted my boss to know the struggle my coworkers and I were having at the time. This restaurant was extremely busy and we were severely under-staffed and most of the staff we had were not up-to-par to work in that environment, including the sous chef. So when my sous chef got the message from our boss she was extremely offended. The insults and attacks I received from her made me realize that I have no place there anymore because as she told me, I’m a good-for-nothing low-life cook who they don’t need anyway. I then decided to quit and the weight from a year and half job was relieved from my shoulders. I’m sure many of you have experienced that sweet release from a miserable work place, but it is what we do with our freedom that counts.

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