In my case, the Blessed Mother and God called me to go to work on April 19th 2018. I had a strong urge to pray the rosary which I had struggled to pray for four years before that. If you are

wondering about my life previous to April 16th 2018, I converted to Catholicism on August 15th 2012, but I had started to progressively lose my faith around February 2014. I almost stopped praying completely, I stopped attending church and I stopped participating in all of the sacraments. However, with this new urge to pray the rosary, I remembered how happy I was before February 2014. I remember the peace that was in my soul and how I never got angry or abused anyone. I was meek and humble and didn’t need anything other than God, the Blessed Mother and my rosary. I felt the grace of God coming back to me and for the first time in 4 years, I was able to pray five decades of the rosary finishing the joyful mysteries. I remember the feeling of the greatest accomplishment and joy when I completed the rosary and how I immediately felt the fire of divine love rekindle in me. I remembered my faith and I remembered my good Lord. I felt like I was on top of the world and that nothing could stop me, but I didn’t realize what was coming my way. I didn’t realize, in the simple bliss I was experiencing, that I would resume my mission for divine union with God and endure the greatest suffering and purification I have endured.

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