The purification process began extremely suddenly. I was shown spiritual delights and started to gain an understanding of God according to my human capacity. I also started to gain

knowledge of myself which was perversity and sin which was ruling my body and spirit. I struggled greatly with temptations and rebellion as if my will was taking an army of demons to overthrow my faith. I prayed desperately to God and Mary to protect me and save me from my afflictions and the answer they would give me would be consolation and peace of mind while meditating on the sacred mysteries of faith. It was an immediate attachment to prayer whether for joy or suffering and it was this thought helped me realize how prayer is the way to perfection. Upon this realization, I found myself so drawn to Christ that I would hold a crucifix in my hand while kneeling meditating on His passion and the greatness of His love. The devils then tempted me all the more saying “You don’t even think Jesus is equal with God! He is just a man so why do you pray to Him and follow Him? Why do you tire yourself with useless prayers?” It was truly a war between myself with my army of demons against my newly renewed faith in my master and Lord. However, there was a turning point in this war that caused the side of evil to lose its grip on me and for my faith to take flight.

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