I suddenly found myself in front of the throne of God with about three hundred people. I understood that these people were undergoing judgment, however, I was not one of the people getting judged. I realized that I was going to intercede for the three hundred people.

When I saw myself, I was clothed with a shining golden robe and then the eternal judge told me what I just experienced. He told me that the suffering I endured was not only how much Jesus had suffered for my salvation, but that I also used those sufferings properly to gain His mercy. Since I used His suffering for my particular sins for salvation, I was now going to judge these 300 people to see how they used Jesus’ suffering for their salvation. I immediately went to work when God decreed this without hesitation or restraint.

The first people I was set to judge, were twelve people who looked like they were on fire. They were glowing with an orange flame and I understood that these souls were going to purgatory. I suffered for each one of them in a similar fashion to how I experienced Christ’s suffering for me, but in a much more condensed way. I understood that they had sins they had contrition for, but did not use Jesus’ suffering to remove the punishment and that’s why they were going to purgatory.

After I suffered for these souls, I heard a voice crying out from the group who were dark. I say dark because these souls looked like shadows rather than light. The voice cried to me saying “Can you suffer for me too? I know you have the ability to help if you do this!” When I heard the cry of this poor soul who I knew was destined for hell, I could not refuse. I said to the eternal judge, “Lord! Let me suffer in your person again for this poor soul to give them salvation!” The eternal judge agreed and I began to immediately see myself going through Christ’s passion as if time was sped up. The suffering that Christ endured for this soul was immense, but the soul turned fiery orange after the suffering passed.

The next person I suffered for, I actually chose myself. I saw a woman kneeling during judgment and I said to her, why are you not saying anything and waiting patiently? She said to me “I am waiting for God to call me when to be judged because I have lived a good life and I am not afraid of going to hell. I wish to allow everyone to go before me since I know where I am to go.” I then suffered a very light passion for her and realized how effectively she used Christ’s passion to her salvation. She was inflamed in a beautiful bright green flame and I understood she was worthy of heaven.

After this had passed, I understood that God wished to send me back to my body so I began walking through a darkness that was between God and earth until someone grabbed my shoulder. The person said “Wait! Someone is calling for you. Can you come back and help them?” I agreed and very quickly rushed back to where I once was. The soul who asked for help was a very timid soul that knew their end was coming. They didn’t want to end up in hell and said to me “I know you helped others and I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to heaven, but if you would be so kind, could you help me too?” I can’t convey the happiness in my heart for this fearful soul having the courage to ask me for help in a state like this. I said to the soul, “if you can pray with me, you will make it.” I then asked them to follow me, first with the sign of the cross, an Our Father, but it was when they got to the Hail Mary that they started to struggled. I got to the line “And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus” and the person could not repeat it after me. I began to encourage the soul saying, “Use your faith to say the line! Don’t allow your fear to control and damn you. Have faith and believe.” and with struggle, the soul finished the line and continued to the Glory be. The soul turned a bright orange and I understood they were saved.

When this soul had asked me to save them, many other souls asked me to do the same, so I spent all night either praying with souls or suffering the passion, depending on what the eternal judge wanted. When I say all night, I did fall asleep from exhaustion of suffering the passion so many times, but I was even dreaming about the passion in my sleep making it virtually all night. In the end, I counted 60 souls that were saved who were supposed to go to hell and I was so happy that I could do this for these poor souls.

After this had took place, I didn’t understand what had just happened to me. Only now does it make sense why I had experienced this in the first place. Jesus wanted to show me how His suffering is to be regarded and used for salvation. Jesus suffered for each of us individually making His suffering particular and knowing this, He expects us to use His passion for mercy instead of ignoring it and receiving damnation. However, I understood at the time, that I was getting close to my sweet Jesus and I wanted to suffer and die again for souls. This began, what St. John of the Cross calls, the ascent of Mount Carmel.

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