When I felt myself slowly succumbing to these temptations and about to give in, I saw a statue of the Virgin Mary on my way to church. I felt inspired to ask her for help since she has never

rejected me in the past so I asked her to help me. To my surprise, she helped me so fast that as soon as I called her, my temptations were gone and I felt great peace. I was also blessed enough to see her in my vision.

She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I don’t mean beautiful as attractive, but beautiful because she was full of virtue and purity. I always felt comfort and happiness just looking at her face. As for her clothes, she was dressed in a blue tunic down to her feet and was covered with a white robe that went over her head. Just by her dress I could feel her majesty, but perfect modesty. Another amazing thing I noticed about her was that even in the vile area of the mountain, she walked barefoot.

The first thing I felt her say to me was that she was happy that I called for her help and was happy to see me. I felt grateful to her and said that we have to get going because the Eternal Father’s wrath is about to consume everything and she responded that I needed to rest so that we could move more efficiently. I remember asking her while we were resting how she found me because I couldn’t even see any buildings in sight. She told me that she knew I was getting lost from the path and immediately ran to find me so that it wouldn’t happen. I could feel that every word she spoke was done with such great love for her children. I knew how blessed I was to enjoy her presence and how blessed I am to still enjoy it.

After we rested, she said that it’s time to move and during our quick ascent, she told me that the Father’s wrath was getting worse and that we had to move quickly so that she could get me to her Son. At this point I didn’t understand why we had to go so quickly because I barely could keep up with her. She told me that she had something to give me and that her Son had something to give me that would appease the wrath of the Father, but there wasn’t much time. I eventually started to see something at the top of the mountain and I realized we almost arrived.

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