I remember seeing a giant cross that was radiating golden light. There was a cross on the left and the right of the cross emitting the light. To the right of where the crosses were, I saw a very

large mansion, but the sky was dark and ominous so everything seemed terrible and scary. However, I knew that I was arriving at my Father’s house and with the look of everything I knew that His wrath was imminent.

When all this became visible, Mary gave me the gift she was speaking of and told me that I had to ascend the rest of the way on my own. Mary gave me her sorrowful and immaculate heart before we departed and I can tell you that her heart holds great virtue. If I may tell you how her heart looked like, it was a real human heart that was perfectly healthy. There were many beautiful blue veins and it was beating at a normal pace. I felt such perfection while holding this heart and it brought great joy that I was holding it, but great fear as to why I needed it.

I continued running up the mountain while carrying her heart with me until I arrived near the summit of the mountain. I saw a man approach me who whore a white robe and whose hands and feet were pierced. I immediately recognized Him as Jesus and knelt with reverence and He said “Alexander, you must go quickly to my Father because His wrath is great. I will give you my heart along with my Mother’s and you need to offer them with your heart to appease His wrath.” Without hesitation, I took His heart which was completely red with pure and fresh blood. I felt such holiness and love emitting from this heart that once again I was filled with joy and fear.

I approached the mansion and as I was getting to the door, I felt great fear enter into my heart. I was worried to try and appease the Wrath of God and to also see what it would look like. What I saw still causes me great anguish to this day, but has also given me great understanding of God.

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