I was suddenly in front of what seemed like every natural disaster known to man. There were tornadoes, hurricanes, torrential rains, fire raining down from the sky (comets and meteors) and

lightning. In the midst of these disasters was what appeared to be the face of God, full of fury and anger. I cannot express how much fear entered into my heart when I saw Him. In the vision, I was prostrate and in front of me was a marble altar.

I knew that this was where I was going to offer the hearts of Mary and Jesus along with my own. I knew that I had to offer mine as well because I came to the altar myself. When God asked me to speak, I said to Him “Eternal Father, please have mercy on us. I have come to offer you gifts to appease your wrath. I offer you the sorrowful and immaculate heart of Mary who suffered so patiently and lovingly with her Son during His passion. I offer you the sacred heart of Jesus, Your only-begotten Son, who died for our sins so we could obtain Your loving mercy. Lastly, I offer you my wretched, miserable and little heart that looks awful in the midst of these two beautiful hearts, but it is my entire being and my entire essence. Have mercy on us Eternal Father.”

There was a moment of silence after the offering. I knew that God was making a decision whether to accept the offering or cast me away in darkness. I waited with great impatience and fear lingering in my heart, but when I looked up again, I found myself in front of a beautiful mansion with God the Father extending an arm to me and an arm towards the house to let me in.

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