2 December 2020 AD

St Bibiana (4th Century)

You have to say the second prayer 7 times - you can use Blessed Rosary to count 7 repeats and as well kiss the Rosary 7 times, say 3 times "Lord, I Love Thee", bow your head slightly 3 times.

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28 November 2020 AD;

St Catherine Laboure (1876); St James of the Marches (1476)


This is the beginning of the Exorcism. You need a blessed crucifix.

1. Kiss the Crucifix seven times.

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18 March 2020; St Cyril of Jerusalem (386); Our Lady of Mercy


An Act of Spiritual Communion

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25 November 2020 AD;

St Catherine of Alexandria (307)



Those very serious prayers are for Catholics in a State of Grace only. Those prayers may be very dangerous if improperly used. You can use them at your own risk. I bear no responsibility for any misuse of the said exorcism prayers. They are for the information of the reader only. They won't have any effect unless "God wills it". "Deus Vult!"

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12 March 2020 AD; St Gregory the Great (604); St Theophanes the Chronicler (817)


Stabat Mater Dolorosa (At the Cross Her Station Keeping) - text Latin/English and YouTube music

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