53. 3. Third Exorcism Prayer


2 December 2020 AD

St Bibiana (4th Century)



Say seven times. 

7 kisses of the Rosary, 3 "Lord, I Love Thee", 3 bows of the head, 35 Crosses (+) - (7 X 5 crosses).


"(+) (Say the name of the sinner), (+) I Exorcise the Said Demon/Legion (say the name if you have one); Witches/Witchers (say the name if you have one);

Coven/Covens; Circle/Circles; Spells/Hexes/Curses/Witchcraft/Occult; Cast by (say the name of the evil people and evil places if you have them);

(+) Out of you (+) In the Name of (+) the Lord. Amen."


Repeat 7 times. Do the crosses (+) with the Rosary in front of you.

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