28 July 2021 AD

St Nazarius (68 AD); St Celsus (68 AD); St Victor I (198 AD); St Innocent I (417 AD)


Break the curse of your family tree with 33 Eucharists in a row

"Pray for your ancestors and deceased ones, so that both you and they will be liberated from all these curses and bondages."


September 4, 2017

Urgent call of Maria, the Mystical Rose to the people of God


Mother of God: Break the curse of your family tree with 33 Eucharists in a row

“Little ones, my Lord’s Peace, be with you all My children, this humanity of these last times is becoming more and more perverted. Evil and sin have been technologized and propagated, today’s world is in the power of darkness; the darkness that produces sin is total in all of the creation. Many demons already coexist with a large part of humanity, especially with the one who has turned his backs on the God of life. The world is full of incarnate demons that prepare themselves to begin the great Armageddon.

All the demons that make humanity lost for the sins of flesh roam today the world in search of souls to make them be lost.

There is a demon in particular who is destroying this humanity and is called Envy. Because of envy, there are homes and societies destroyed. This spirit is of intergenerational origin; it is a curse that you must break in your family tree so that it does not continue to pass from generation to generation.

Pray for your ancestors who were envious and break this curse upon your generations with thirty-three (33) Eucharists in a row to be offered to the Heavenly Father, for the deliverance of your ancestors and deceased ones

who fell into this sin.

Little children, I ask you urgently to pray for the liberation of your paternal and maternal family tree, so that the demons do not torture and steal your peace,

during the time of the last reign of my adversary. Again I say to you little children, make good confessions of life and pray for your ancestors and

deceased ones so that both you and they will be liberated from all these curses and bondages; and so, your family tree stays clean.

The intergenerational liberation benefits the souls of your ancestors and deceased ones who are in purgatory, making their permanence there, shorter.

To you who are in this world, the intergenerational liberation unleashes the blessings; and for future generations, they will no longer be charged with the sins of their ancestors.

All generations after the liberation will be blessed and will enjoy it in this world and in eternity.


Little children, going on I want to give an account of the curses and bondages, more common in all the generations so that you begin to liberate them from

your family tree and to be free.


Curses of Resentment, hatred, and vengeance. They do not allow forgiveness and bring a lot of division in families and generations.


Curses of Rejection. These curses cause you to be rejected and to reject your neighbor; the rejection is a lack of love among generations, for the abuse of man, of woman, or of children.


Ancestral Curses. They are curses of your grandparents, great-grandparents, who cursed their children; they bring ruin and separations in marriages.


Curses of Occultism. Ancestors witches or those who consulted sorcerers and from there curses entered the generations. Includes witchcraft, sorcery, santeria, spiritism, black magic, mentalism, and all of occultism in general. These curses bring spiritual material ruin and make generations look for information in hidden sources.


Curses of sexual impurity include adulteries, fornications, lust, abortions, perversions, prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, being single, incest, sexual abuse, and all the impurity in general. It brings separation, ruin, and destruction of homes and societies.


Curses of Trauma. For physical, psychological, or sexual abuse in childhood. Humanity is hurt about love for the abuse of children among generations. These curses bring mental problems, addictions, ruin, abandonment, and suicide.


Curses of Deceit. By ancestors who were liars, who practiced deceit and deceived others, letting the spirit of deceit guide them. This curse brings material and spiritual ruin and does not allow generations to advance.


Curses of Death. By bloodshed among generations; Ancestors who were violent, murderers who shed the blood of their neighbor. This curse brings death and ruin to generations.


Curses of envy. Envious and greedy ancestors for the goods of others. Envy enters by rejection and occultism mainly; It is the cause of a lot of humanity living in disgrace.


Curses of loss of faith (Apostasy). These curses enter through the occult, idolatry, especially money. They bring material and spiritual ruin.


Curses of Ruin. They enter into generations by practices of occultism, for visiting sorcerers, for greed, for gambling, and for wasting of their properties; as well they enter through ancestral curses and sexual impurities, especially adultery and prostitution.


Curses of attachment. They enter these curses by attachment to children, family, or material things. This curse is the cause that many souls cannot leave this world and roam the celestial places without finding peace or rest.


Little children, these are the most common curses and bondages among generations, so that you begin to liberate them from your paternal and maternal family tree, with the holy Masses (33); to which you must attend without being late or miss any of them because they are Eucharists of the liberation of ancestors and deceased ones. Little children, I remind you that in every family, God has put an instrument and it is that instrument, which must be in charge of praying and releasing the family tree.


I give to you this blessing My children through this message, that you put it into practice and you free yourselves, free your ancestors and deceased ones and free your future generations, of all these curses that have held you in a material impasse and spiritually.

God and this Mother love you and We always want the good for our children.

May the Peace of My Lord remain in you.

Your mother loves you, Maria Mystic Rose.

Let my messages be known to all humanity, little children of My Heart”

Source:  mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org

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