26 August 2021 AD

St Zephyrinus (217 AD); Our Lady of Czestochowa


Call to Enoch: "...Three fundamental pillars for your Salvation and your Passage through the desert of the Purification Three Pillars - 

1 - Complete Spiritual Armor

2 - Rosary of Provision

3 - Breastplate of the Redeemer's Blood


In this Part 2 of these Powerful Remedies/Prayers we'll have the "Breastplate of the Redeemer's Blood Prayer":



(Powerful prayer of protection, given by the Lord for the times of tribulation)


O armour of Blood of the Redeemer, protect me in all my ways and spiritual battles; cover my thoughts, potencies, and senses with Thy protective shield; assume my body with Thy power so that the incendiary darts of the evil one, do not touch my body or soul; keep me from the harm of the poison, the spell, or the occultism; do not allow any incarnate or disembodies spirit disturb me; may Satan and his hosts of evil spirits flee from me when they see my protective armour. Deliver me from every evil and danger, glorious Blood of the Redeemer, so that I may fulfill the mission entrusted to me for the glory of God. I voluntarily consecrate myself, and my family to the power of Thy Redeemer Blood. O my God Jesus, deliver me, and my family and loved ones from every evil and danger. Amen.


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