16 May 2019 AD; St Ubaldus, St John Nepomucene, St Brendan the Navigator, St Simon Stock

In this article, I will present calculation of the quark mixing angles (i.e. morphing from one type of quark to another) and quark quantum numbers.

This is all possible by using the main equation (Book 6, part I and Part II) and instead of using "invented by humans numbers" such as real numbers on the X-axis of a cartesian coordinate system the Transcendental Constants are used (those constants, if you are non-believer are the numbers in which the Universe is talking to us, or if you are a believer in One True God (Holy Trinity) those numbers are the God's Numbers such as π and e). This, plus breaking the Main Equation into two parts - Imaginary (Invisible part) and Real (Visible Part) and adding these two components gives all these amazing results.

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