16 February 2021 AD

Holy Face of Jesus (Shrove Tuesday); St Onesimus (95); St Juliana (305)


In the main article, I will describe getting exact mixing (oscillation) angles of Quark, Neutrino, Boson and Graviton. These are theoretical values and they agree with experimental data quite well, especially in the case of Quark, and two angles of Neutrino and one angle of Boson (there is no data so far of more angles for Boson - mixing (oscillation) angles (it is a new concept, I think).


I claim, that the theoretical values of these mixing angles are 100% correct for all four elements. It will be proven later at the end of the series of articles when the two tests will be shown. In the case of Neutrino, there were some values of the mixing (oscillation) angles way off of the correct number, but later on, there were improved - so now two of the three of the mixing angles agree perfectly with the theory. As usual, we need a little patience until the scientists with all their money, expensive equipment and scholarly knowledge figure it out all correctly. Each of the four elements is built in a similar way - each of the Quark, Neutrino, Boson and Graviton consists of three elements (or pairs of the elements?) and is producing three mixing (oscillation) angles: θ13, θ23 and θ12. Later on, you will see that the same principle applies to another four elements: Space, Time, Membrane Internal and Membrane External. All eight constituencies of our Universe are having three mixing (oscillation) angles, as stated before.

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