17 February 2021 AD

Ash Wednesday; Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites (1233)


The articles 105 (Quark); 106 (Boson); 107 (Neutrino); 108 (Graviton) are self-explanatory - they contain the printouts from the FORTRAN programs I coded for the purpose of calculating Theta Angles and other parameters.


For now, only Four Elements (Quark, Boson, Neutrino and Graviton) are calculated. Each value at the Different Transcendental Constant (located at X-axis) gives certain angles and other data from which the theta angles are derived. After these series of articles (printouts), I will post the actual FORTRAN programs which give this data and of course a FORTRAN editor and compiler (unless you already have one) so you can run the simple FORTRAN programs by yourself.

Each value at the Transcendental Constant at the X-axis give in the "SUM" of Imaginary and Real components some values for the Initial and Final Theta Angles. These have to be multiplied by the fractional coefficients and then the result is the Exact Value of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angle for each of the elements (three angles each) - quark, boson, neutrino and graviton.

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