2 March 2021 AD

Bl Charles the Good (1124)


In this article, I will write about the relation between Angle Sigma (i.e. the sum of all six Theta mixing (oscillation) angles - three from the experiments (if available) and three of these angles after the Transform).

There is a very strict relation between Angle Sigma(i.e. the sum of all six mixing (oscillation) angles and CP Violating Phase Angle Delta. It is measured in fractions.

It is a proven fact, since Theta Mixing (Oscillation) Angles and CP Violating Phase Angles are known from experiments for Quark and Neutrino. The rule is extended for Boson and Graviton, and in the future for Four additional constituents of the Universe. These relations are very simple ones, but nevertheless very precise.

As usual, they show only when Transcendental Numbers are used, so the Math is "talking" to us in a very clear and simple yet precise way. It is interesting that Quark and Graviton are having the same Quantum Fraction, however, Neutrino and Boson do not. So, each Quantum Quotient consists of three elements (three fractions).

More about it in the main article. And, after that, there will be only one more introductory article, so I finally can enter the main topic - which is the calculation of all the Sigmas (sums of Theta Angles) and Deltas (CP Violation Phase Angles).

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