8 March 2021 AD

St John of God (1550)


There is a very strict relation between the values of CP Violating Phase Angles (Deltas) and the sums (Sigmas) of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles Theta.

The sums consist of all three Theta Angles and their transforms into the Positive Real Part of the Complex Plane. Otherwise, if the Transform is not applied the relation if difficult to see. Quantum Fractions will play an important role in these relations between the angles Sigma and Delta. As I wrote in the previous article 112. Quantum Fractions of Quark, Graviton, Boson and Neutrino. there are different ways of calculating CP Violating Phase Angles (Delta) from the sum (Sigma) of the Mixing (Oscillation) Angles Theta. The numerical difference between all these variants is, however, very small. I have chosen the variant where the CP Violating Phase Angles are calculated from the Sum angles of all four elements - Quark, Neutrino, Boson and Graviton since the Sigma Angles add nicely to the value of 540 degrees, which is the sum of internal angles of the pentagon, and, of course, it seems to be a sort of good average. Nevertheless, the differences between the other ways of approach are very small.

This article and the following main article are the last ones of introductory type. The next ones will be interesting - they will show the relations between all eight elements of the Quantum World/Cosmology. They are in accordance with the visions of Saint Hildegard of Bingen living in the XI and XII Century. It is amazing for me that she was given this great knowledge from God about the construction of the Universe/Quantum so many years in advance. Now, the math behind it shows that there have to be eight constituents of the Universe/Quantum and two of these elements are bound together - so they can be counted as one, giving altogether six independent elements. 

I have developed some simple (very simple and elegant) tests to suggest that indeed there have to be eight (or counting the bound together elements - six) constituents of the Universe/Quantum World. It is very surprising for me that the relation of Quantum World and Universe is so simple - it looks like it cannot be any easier i.e. the structure of Quantum consists of the same elements as the structure of the Universe. In the future, I will work on other proofs of this elegant fact.


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