18 January 2019; Feast of St Prisca

Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ - according to the vision of St John of the Cross

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December 30, 2018 Feast of The Holy Family

Thanks to prof. Giulio Fanti, we have a picture of the Second Face on the back of the linen of the Shroud of Turin.

"The Second Face positive" (orange) and "The Second Face negative" (blue) contain images of God also, as well as Blessed Virgin Mary and St Michael the Archangel and possibly more than this.

I'm not going to show the Holy Images to you; if this is the Will of God, you will see The Countenance of God. 

Update No 1 - 10 January 2019. Hints about how to find the Countenance of Lord God, Blessed Virgin Mary, and St Michael the Archangel

Update No 2 - 14 January 2019. More hints.

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30 December 2018, Feast of the Holy Family

My favorite pictures of the Countenance of Lord Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary

An Update 10 January 2019 - hints about the image of Blessed Virgin Mary

Not made by hands!

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