2. Two Other Pictures of Lord Jesus and BV Mary


30 December 2018, Feast of the Holy Family

My favorite pictures of the Countenance of Lord Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary

An Update 10 January 2019 - hints about the image of Blessed Virgin Mary

Not made by hands!

Figure 1. "Holy Face" relic, Veronica's Sudarium from the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) of Our Lord:


"Illumina, Domine, vultum tuum super nos" - (Psalm 66-1: "May, O Lord, the light of Thy Countenance shine upon us")

"Mane nobiscum, Domine" - ("Stay with us, O Lord")


Beautiful music to assist you in your contemplation: Victoria: O Domine Jesu Christe - Motet a 6



Figure 2. Miraculous Picture of "Mary of Absam" from XVIII Century, Austria. You can read more about it in "Miraculous Images of Our Lady" by Joan Carroll Cruz.

There are symbols and letters in Her picture. For example, to the right of Blessed Virgin Mary's lips, there is a figure of a horseman. This image appeared only some months ago. Can you see some other symbols and letters?

Beautiful music to assist you in your contemplation:  Victoria: Regina caeli, laetare - Antiphon a 8

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