3 March 2019; Feast of St Cunegunda


Here is an output file of Intel Studio Fortran with the result of Gravity Constant α (quad precision).

The Gravity Constant is calculated at Transcendental Constant count 18 at X-axis. The official educated guess of the value of this constant and the result from calculation vary a lot.  To obtain the educated guess value the gravity constant had to be a fraction, not an integer.  There is no reason to believe that since all the constants fall at integer value on the X-axis, the Gravity Constant would be an exception. Therefore I claim that the official educated guess of the gravity constant α is completely wrong. I am confident that what I say will be proven sooner or later. The research into gravity started only a few years ago. 


EXPONENT MAIN 2.501179662936858651731624826093380E-0002

FT VALUE AT X 13.4052805310665618922506018113833

EXPONENT PARTIAL 769.636835180278653757104387866717


ALFA MINUS 1/2 2.223224478265980665103229833674759E+0048


ALFA SQUARE 4.942727080761041934735187640379942E+0096


Gravity Constant αg : 

ALFA 2.023174623362024526413752606958938E-0097

An official educated guess of the value of gravity constant is:

αG = 5.9 × 10 − 39


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