27. Narrative for the Coupling Constants of the four forces

6 March 2019; Ash Wednesday


The following four short articles show the results of computation of the four fundamental forces, using Fortran programming language and according to the formula derived in Book 6 part I [ link: Book 6 part I ] and in Book 6 part II [ link: Book 6 part II ].


The value of the Fine Structure Constant is exact. So are the other three values of the remaining forces. Official guesses of the Strong Nuclear Force and Weak Nuclear Force agree with my results quite well. However, the fourth force's official guess (Gravity) is hugely off from the calculated value. Nevertheless, I claim that my results are exact, not some guesses. I am confident that future research into Gravity will prove my point.


Using simple logic, it is evident that if three values (Strong, Weak, and Electrostatic) are calculated precisely, so it must be the fourth value of the Gravity.


Unless the Force of Gravity has its origin, not in our Universe but outside (you know very well that I am Catholic, so for me, it would be heaven, not some multiverse) - I will post an article about it soon.


Andrew Yanthar-Wasilik

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