14 May 2019 AD; Feast of St Matthias

Finally, I'm ready to post the results of a long analysis.

The structure of the Four Forces is a lot more complicated than we think.

So far I have presented only the Real Part of the solution. However, the complete picture requires Imaginary Part of the solution as well as the Real Part. Definitely, there are two components to all four forces.

In the case of the Weak  Nuclear Force and Electromagnetic Force, both components are the same (I mean their magnitudes), and for Electromagnetic (Electrostatic) Force they differ just by the direction of action.

Gravitational Force and Strong Nuclear force have different values (also magnitudes) for Real ( "Visible") Part and for Imaginary ("Invisible") Part.

So, what we measure here, in our Universe is Real Part of the Force ("Visible") or  Imaginary Part ("Invisible") or just their magnitudes in case of the Weak and Electrostatic Forces, and Real ("Visible") part for the Strong Nuclear Force.

Gravity Force has different property - we measure the Sum (Superposition) of the components of the Force, but there is not enough data to confirm it (in fact there is almost no data at all, only educated guesses).

I will present the printouts from Fortran programs soon with all the values, and then the structure of the improved Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics as well as the Mixing Angles and other angles and what it all means,

with an explanation of how it is all possible, i.e. what kind of trick did I use to obtain such precision of the results.

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