11 November 2019 AD; St Martin of Tours (397); St Mennas ( 3rd century )


The two articles about Neutrino were slightly rewritten. It should be a bit easier to read and understand how the CP Violation Phase Angle of Neutrino is computed.



The first article: "71. The narrative for calculating the exact value of the CP Violation Phase Angle of Neutrino";

link (  71. Revisited: Narrative for calculation of the exact value of CP Violation Phase Angle of Neutrino  )


The second (main) article is here: (  72. Revisited: Exact value of the CP Violation Phase Angle of Neutrino. Singles, Pairs, Triplets and Quadruplet (Pentagon) of all four fundamental elements - Neutrino and Boson; Quark and Graviton.  )


If you have had difficulties with articles 71 and 72, especially with CP Violation Phase Angle and Angles from before and after the transform, you may check it out using the above links.


Next is Graviton. And after that even more interesting stuff - Space and Time (Aether?)

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