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Before I'll post the next articles I want to show a great achievement of a scientist from XII Century - St Hildegard von Bingen  St Hildegard von Bingen  

As far as I know, she is the only person who received in a Vision from Lord God ( I do not know if that was God the Eternal Father or Lord Jesus or Holy Spirit or Most Holy Trinity) a complete explanation of the elements of the Universe as well as forces ruling our Universe, plus many other things.

What is most amazing for me - she lived in XII Century AD, and yet she knew more than many scientists today. From my approach to the Construction of the Universe, the results are pretty much the same ( of course Hildegard helped me immensely with her work). I want to post a picture from Lucca ( there are some small errors according to the researchers, but minor ones only), showing just the layers of the Universe without forces (these complete pictures I will present later while writing about forces in the Universe).

I want to add some quotes from St Hildegard's book: "The Book of Divine Works" by St Hildegard of Bingen, Translated by Nathaniel M. Campbell, The Catholic University of America Press, 2018.

Let us start with the Illustration kept in the Museum in Lucca, Italy.

Music by Hildegard von Bingen; "Laus Trinitati: <  Laus Trinitati - Hildegard von Bingen  >


 Sorry for my handwriting. As you can see there are six layers in the Creation of the Universe, from my research "Aether" consists of two elements - Space and Time, merged in one, as well as the Membrane, consists of two elements - Internal Membrane and External Membrane, also merged in one piece. I will show these things later on, in the next articles.

Now, some text from the book of St Hildegard of Bingen for our edification. This is the description of the wheel of the Universe.

"Then, upon the breast of the aforementioned image that I had seen in the middle of the southern sky, as described above, there appeared a wheel, wonderful to see, together with its signs and symbols. This wheel was nearly like that instrument that I had seen twenty-eight years before, signified in the shape of an egg, as shown in the third vision of the book Scivias. Along its outermost circumference, there was shown a circle in the likeness of bright fire, and beneath this circle, there was as if another circle, of black fire; and the circle of bright fire was twice as thick as the circle of black fire. And these two circles were joined to each other as if they were a single circle. Beneath the circle of black fire, moreover, there was another circle, in the likeness of pure ether, which was everywhere of the same thickness as the previous two circles of fire. Furthermore, beneath that circle of pure ether, there was shown another circle of watery air, and its round thickness was as great as the thickness of the circle of bright fire. And beneath that circle of watery air, there was shown another circle as of strong, bright white air, which in its firmness was like the muscles in the human body; and it appeared everywhere in its circumference to be the same thickness as the circle of black fire. These two circles were also joined together so that they appeared as if they were a single circle. And beneath this circle of strong, bright white air, there was marked out as if another - a thin air that appeared to carry upon it clouds that were sometimes lofty and bright, and sometimes low-hanging and shadowy; and it seemed to pervade the entire wheel mentioned above. But all six of these circles were joined seamlessly together, the one to the other. Furthermore, the outermost circle flooded the other circles with its fire, and the watery circle watered all the others with its moisture." pp. 46-48

The purpose of the Universe. Lord God speaks to St Hildegard:

"And again I heard a voice from heaven saying to me: God, for the glory of His name, gathered together the world out of the elements, strengthened it with the winds, stitched it together and gave it light with the stars, and filled it up with all the other creatures. With all these things in the world, He surrounded and fortified humankind and everywhere imbued them with the greatest strength, so that creation might assist them in all things and partake in all human works, so that they might do their work with creation - for humankind can neither live nor even exist without creation, as shall be shown to you in the present vision." p. 54

The world and God outside of the Universe. Lord God speaks to St Hildegard:

"For without forgetfulness and in the knowledge of true Love, which is God, the form of the world exists, indissolubly whirling - the wonderful form too of human nature - so that it can neither be consumed by any old age nor increased by any novelty; but as it was first created by God, so it will endure to the end of the world. Indeed, in its foreknowledge and operation, Divinity is like a wheel, whole and utterly undivided, for It has neither beginning nor ending nor can anything grasp or surround It, for It is outside of time. And as a circle surrounds and contains all that lies inside of it, so Holy Divinity contains and exceeds all things infinitely, for no one can divide or overcome it in its power, or bring it to an end." p. 54-55  

Now, the shape on the Universe. This much for the flat, stationary Universe, without a centre. Lord God speaks to St Hildegard:

"But when the instrument described above was laid out in your earlier visions in the shape of an egg, this was to show that only the division of the elements was signified in that likeness, because an egg's layers, by which it is divided into its constituent parts, are a bit like the way the world is devised of the elements. But now, the circumference and the correct proportion of these elements are shown only in a wheel, though neither of these holds a complete likeness of the figure of the world in every detail, because it exists everywhere whole, round, and whirling. Rather, a globe that is whole and whirling better imitates the form of the world in its every part." p. 55

It is necessary to introduce God Almighty into this topic because, without Him, the solution of the Equations of the Construction of the World is utterly impossible, as the scientists (Cosmologist and Physicists) prove it every day when they are completely lost most of the time. As you can see, the Universe is round (probably ellipsoid), extremely rapidly rotating about its centre, which is Earth.

Now, the timespan of the Universe, from chapter summaries (capitula) written under the supervision of St Hildegard herself:

Part I, Vision I, Theophany of Divine Love:

"[6]. The universe existed in God from eternity and without localized form; as he created everything, each came forth from him distinguished in number, order, place, and time."


Here is a link to Godel's Theorem, proving that without knowledge from beyond our Universe the solution of the Construction of the Universe is an impossibility. 


 Godel's Theorem 1

 Godel's Theorem 2


The same picture as above but with nicer writing:

Music of Hildegard von Bingen - " - O Aeterne Deus"  <  Hildegard von Bingen - O Aeterne Deus  >



2 2020 02 05 1053 PM Hildegard of Bingen Liber Divinorum Operum I 3 Lucca MS 1942 fol 28v


 The functions (forces) of the 6 elements I will describe later with another diagram.***

So far, it looks like there are four main forces plus two:

1- the strong nuclear force (quark)

2- gravity (dark energy/dark matter; graviton)

3- the weak force (boson)

4- the electromagnetic force (electron/neutrino)

5- space/time force

6- the internal and external membrane force


***Correction. After going deeper into the structure of the Universe, I can say now that these six parts represented by concentric wheels are not forces but constituents of the Universe. There are eight of them and two are consisting of two elements probably merged together, so in fact, there are six of the elements (not forces - there seem to be only four forces). The elements are as follows:

1 - Matter represented by Quarks

2 - Matter represented by neutrinos i.e. dark matter

3 - Ether consisting of Bosons and Gravitons

4 - Space

5 - Time

6 - Membrane Internal and External merged together.


More about it later.


Next article - getting CP Violating Phase Angles of all 8 elements (two of them are doubles - "space/time" and "internal/external membrane"); as well as the angles of the transformation of the regular mixing (oscillation) angles of these 8 elements.


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