20 February 2020 AD; St Francisco Marto (1919); St Jacinta Marto (1920); St Eucherius (743); St Amata (1250)

In these series of articles, I'll be presenting the surprising unity of the structure of Cosmos and Quantum. As well as couple of graphs - of the main function (calculated from transcendental constants and giving results similar to coupling constants of the forces and at the same time mixing (oscillation) angles of the elements); and three graphs of complex values of these results.


I won't say as of yet how I arrived at those results - that will be the topic of the next articles. Right now I can only say, that the CP Violating Phase Angles of the elements form an arithmetic sequence and Sums of all the thetas (mixing angles) before and after transform form a geometric sequence. This fact, plus a couple of other observations allows calculating all CP Violating Phase Angles as well as the Sums of thetas (mixing angles) from before and after the transformation. These coming up articles will be sort of review of what was partly written before. After that, I'll be writing how to get masses of the particles I think. A lot of work left to do! Thank you for your patience!

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