2 December 2020 AD

St Bibiana (4th Century)

You have to say the second prayer 7 times - you can use Blessed Rosary to count 7 repeats and as well kiss the Rosary 7 times, say 3 times "Lord, I Love Thee", bow your head slightly 3 times.

In each of the seven times, you do 10 signs of the Cross (+) (with the Rosary) altogether 70 Crosses (do not cross yourself but do it in front of you with your hand).

Pray standing not kneeling this and all other Exorcism Prayers.


"Glorious (+) Saint Michael the Archangel, Glorious (+) Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Glorious (+) Saint Raphael the Archangel,

(+) Protect (+) (say the name of a sinner), (+) (say the name of the exorcist)

from the Fury of Hell and the Gates of Hell.

Glorious (+) Saint Michael, (+) Saint Gabriel, (+) Saint Raphael, Archangels

(+) Pray for me and for us! Amen."

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