25 March 2021 AD

The Annunciation; St Dismas (33); St Margaret Clitherow (1586)



In the following articles, I will derive all four remaining Delta CP Violating Angles and Sigma - sums of the Theta Mixing (Oscillation) Angles for Time (yes, the time is more than just clicks of the clock), Space, Internal Membrane and External Membrane.

There are very simple and ordered relations between the Delta and Sigma Angles - but they are only visible when angles Sigma are being used (i.e. sums of all three Mixing Angles Theta from before and after the Transform). Angles Delta - CP Violating Phase Angles do not have to go through the Transform. After the Derivation of all the Delta and Sigma Angles, the two tests will be used to show that those findings are true (I wonder when they are going to be verified experimentally, if ever).

As a "Bonus" there will be another suggestion - that we are part of something bigger - i.e. that there is another side beyond our Cosmos (no matter how I tried to find the mistake in calculations or at least a deduction error - there is a very strong suggestion and for me - a certainty of another part we are being inside of).

You know very well my view of the world - I do not believe in scientific fables such as multiverse, or parallel universes. I think that the other side beyond our Universe is Heaven, a huge expanse of a different, spiritual world.

I will be working on proving mathematically the existence of this other realm, hopefully I will be able to finish that part before Christmas 2021 AD.

The present series of articles about the Delta and Sigma Angles will be finished in April/May 2021.


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