16 March 2021 AD

St Heribert (1021); St Abraham (360)


This series of articles will deal with deriving CP Violating Phase Angles (Delta), Sums (Sigma) of Mixing (Oscillation) Angles (Theta) from before and after the Transform into the Positive Real Part of the Complex Plane.

You will be presented with four indirect proofs (for now!) of the assumptions - two proofs about the correctness of the number of elements of the Construction of the Universe (two mathematical progressions) and two proofs indicating the existence of the other side i.e. Heaven (one term of the progression and the shape of the curve of the Coupling Constants as a function of Transcendental Constants) - as you know I am not much of a fan of the multiverse or any sort of parallel Universes. I think common sense is winning in this world of a mess as to the idea of getting rid of the concept of God, the Creator (i.e. Most Holy Trinity).

A short quote from "The Book of Divine Works" by St Hildegarde von Bingen: < Liber Divinorum Operum >

Part I, Vision 1: Theophany of Divine Love: "6. [5]. Whoever has submitted to God with humble devotion and been set alight by the aid of the Holy Spirit overcomes both what is corrupted within themselves and the devil; the angels rejoice because of the good works of the just and praise God’s omnipotence 7. [6]. The universe existed in God from eternity and without localized form; as he created everything, each came forth from him distinguished in number, order, place, and time." 


Here are some links to the previously published articles which may be of help in preparation for this new series (it is not difficult at all, in fact, it is very simple):

 83. The Elements of the Universe according to the Vision of St Hildegard von Bingen


84. Narrative for the main article: "Unity of Quantum and Cosmos"


85. The Unity of the Quantum and of the Cosmos - Graphs I


87. The Narrative for "Evidence of another Universe and Quantum beyond ours (Heaven; "parallel universe")"


88. The Evidence of another Universe and Quantum beyond ours (Heaven; "parallel universe")


97. Narrative for article number "98. The eight (or six) Elements of the Universe."


98. The Eight Elements of the Universe.

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